Day 5,

Things keep coming up and I found I needed to pick up some spray diamond for a fellow cutter so I made a side trip to the electric park again. No big thing though because one of my fav things about the electric park show is that the parking is free and plentiful So off we went and parked in the back lot. It was a little slow there today so I got a couple of shots of the outside vendors.

This back area of the show is a lot of fun with some really nice specimen and rough (mostly cabochon) dealers. Found what we wanted at the Diamond Pacific tent (Remember them? U/V light and free cookies?) and headed down to the Congress St transit station. Caught the first shuttle to anywhere and wound up at the Howard Johnson show. We wandered up the street to the African arts village but didn't see much that was of interest to us so back down to The HJ and a couple of little shows around it. Most of the stuff was specimen dealers, some so-so facet rough and some rock trinkets and such. But rough's wherever you can find it and while poking around in a trinket and specimen shop I found some prepackaged Topaz, Imperial color and cheap enough so that I decided to go through them and pick out the best to play with. I'll let you know how it turns out when I get a chance to cut some of them. The 2 in the bottom left are the ones that got me interested in this lot. There are some that will wind up in my driveway but some show some promise

After that we wandered around some more and found the 7 color jade vases that RJ talked about. I totally agree that these should be looked into before buying. The brochure said they were coated in an acrylic and then heated. My question is that with a material like Jade, that's capable of taking a high shine and durable enough to retain that high polish for many years, why would you coat it in an acrylic resin? That's enough of a question for me to hold my wallet until I see further proof of it's authenticity.

A little further on we went down the side of the Clarion motel and found a bunch of mineral dealers with their back doors open and specimens and rough all over their patios. We went through several and found a Pakistani dealer with a couple of pieces of peridot like I've never seen. I'm sure all of you are familiar with the normal apple green of good peridot. Well these two pieces had that plus a very faint blue kick in the color under filtered (overcast) sunlight. These were the only two that showed that particular color so we snatched them up The crystal is Leslie's and she actually threatened me with serious bodily harm if I even thought of faceting it so I bought the other one for myself.

That's about it for today. Tomorrow we're heading for the ASU mineral museum, more poking around and then heading over to the reception of the Jewelers Ethics gang, headed up by Lisa Brooks-Pike. It'll be a busy day and I might not be able to post on Friday night. I should be able to post sometime on Saturday at the latest and will post my wrap up comments later next week after I've had a bit of time to decompress