Last day continued

One of the shows I put down a ways on my list is the 22nd St show. Not that it's any less than the other ones but because fossils ain't my thing. Nevertheless it is a good show to go to even if you you're not into the dinos and old bones. Yes there's a lot of it. Here are a couple of examples to show your kids. Go on! Give 'em thrill

This happy character is/was a ground sloth

Not sure how to pronounce these guys name but judging just by their teeth, they probably weren't cute and cudely

I suppose this show hits a little too close to home. The kids I work with think those were some pets I had while growing up.

Now to the reason why I like to do this show. There's always some overlap with other shows. In this tent there was fossils, knick-knack stuff, rough, and specimens. Leslie spotted a guy that had some purple scapolite in matrix and entered into a little ****ering session and came away wit this little guy

And on the Knick-Knack dept. I've always liked these quartz spheres with the red, plumey stuff inside them. Yes, I used to know what the red stuff was but I can't remember now, I'm a contemporary with the guys on top and remembering isn't one of our well known attributes

So with funds running as low as our energy level, we'll bid farewell to the Tucson Gem show for this year. Hopefully we'll be back to do it all over again next year when we'll forget our sore feet, the running here, there and everywhere, the gray hairs you get trying to balance what you want with what you need, raising the money to spend (not fun) and spending the money you raised (very much fun ) except when you spend over the money you raised (still fun and you knew you were going to do it anyway Lol).

By tomorrow at this time we should be at home with Tulip and Marble, unpacked and relaxing. Next week I'll put together a wrap up on Tucson 2014.

Hope I gave you a good tour