Day 5: Man does not live by rocks alone

When you're in Tucson for the show, you generally eat, sleep and breathe rocks so eventually you can hit an overload point. Don't fight it, go ahead and take a little break to refresh yourself. The Tucson area is loaded with all sorts of diversions that you should find interesting. This year Leslie and I picked out 2 of them, one having nothing to do with rocks and the other one guaranteed to make a lot of the show rocks look lame (That one's tomorrow). For the one having nothing to do with rocks we found that the Titan Missile Museum's only about a mile away rom our Motel.

These things date from the cold war that some of you my age will remember (Duck and Cover) and some may not. Either way nuke tipped ICBM's were a part of our lives for a long time and this museum tells the story of peace through MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) and the other fun things we grew up with. A lot of the docents were actually stationed here and were the men and women that had the keys to send these missiles to their targets.

The tour winds into the control room and across to the missile silo where plexiglass windows have been installed so you can see an actual Titan II missile in it. Certain days they take the visitors all the way to the bottom of the silo but this wasn't on of them. The missile in the silo is a real one but it's never been fueled so therefore they're able to display it here. The fuel for these things is so dangerous, poisonous and just about everything else that's nastyous that if it had been loaded, even once, it would be too hazardous to display.

If you travel to the gem show and start becoming stone blind, remember the show's too big to take in all of it so take it easy on yourself. You won't see it all and it will be here whenever you decide to come back. Take it easy a bit and enjoy Tucson and the surrounding area

Now, back to the rocks