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Tucson 2014 Day 4

by Pete Brush on 02/12/14

  1. Now, a little something different. I'm sure some of you remember how we used to have stones at Tucson that were oh so rare yet it looked like someone had gone though the show with a dump truck, handing out shovelfuls to anyone with space on their table. Well this year at Tucson we've experienced a time warp with a bunch of zoned out old flower children with their singing bowls. You know the old trick of running a wet finger around the lip of a glass to make it vibrate like a tuning fork? Well we have a bunch of worn out Rajneeshies doing the same thing with bowls. On top of that they're selling them everywhere. I don't know or care what these things are about but a word to the organizers of the Tucson shows where these are........YOU'RE MAKING THIS PLACE LOOK LIKE A DELHI SWAP MEET! That and the constant, overwhelming smell of incense in the hotel corridors is really starting to get old fast. If you want to sell that kind of crap go start your own show! Here's a taste of the weirdness

    Anyway, after the assault on my innocent sinus's in the corridor's of the riverpark inn I left and have no intention on going back until they get what this show's about and knock off the psychedelic 60's theme. Btw, that was the poster that I'll post here. there was another that I took a picture of that I'm not going to post except on the riverpark inn's website with a complaint

    Remember these guys?

    Yep, that's where I found that chunk of Maw sit sit. After looking over but not buying some amethyst at GJX, Leslie and I went back to the electric park and found another 4 pounds of the stuff. Now I found some being sold back at the riverpark for $1000/kilo. I still ain't going to say what I got it for but it was a heckuva lot less than that. For you ISG'ers down here, if you wander by these guys, make sure you tell them that you're with the ISG. I didn't take it all and there's still some jadite there that's super stuff. I picked a sweet piece of lavender jade, not dyed or treated in any way that I could see, out of one of those bins.

    Maw sit sit

    Also in back of the riverpark there's a nice little walk along the dried up river channel. I've never seen water in the channel but I have seen mud so I know sometimes the channel must contain water, kinda like Mars. Therefore if we extrapolate further then we can say if we have proof of this channel having water in it once and we can prove there's life on it then we've proved there's life on Mars ipso-factoid And here's the proof of life on Mars.

    Doesn't look too scary for a martian

    Ok, OK back to the rocks in the next part
    Pete (AKA Ruffysdad)

Tucson Day 3 cont.

by Pete Brush on 02/12/14

  1. Now, on to the GJX show. I suppose I should've taken a pic of the outside of the place but I was kinda in a hurry to get inside and pick up an Egee's frozen lemonade, which I did and yes, it gave me a brain freeze but it was sooooooo good! I sure wish they had these places in Seattle. So one of my first stops was with a South American rough dealer only to find that he had hardly any rough with him today. He talked to some friends of his in the next booth and they agreed to sell me some stuff at the same price I got last year but I had to come back tomorrow and he'd bring it from the hotel. That worked for me so I went on to Chatham Created Stones for my next stop. I'm just about done with the RG portion of my RGA so I've decided that its time to have a reference library of fakes and created stones around. On of the nice things about going to Tucson is that it's the only place where you can buy Chatham Created Rough. They don't sell it any other time except when they're in Tucson so I picked out some really sweet Padparascha Sapphire Rough along with a couple of pieces of Chatham Created Emerald Rough.

    Last of all we took some time to snoop the ruby dealers until we found one selling glass filled ruby cabs. This is the one I picked out

    That was about it for today. The cards at the casino were against me tonite but I'm only out $20 for it. Tomorrow I'll be going back to GJX to see what my South American buddy comes up with. After that who knows? Maybe a trip back to the electric park to see if I can dig up some more of that Maw sit sit or a trip to the
    Arizona mineralogical museum. I'll figure that one out tomorrow

    Have a great night everyone

    Pete (AKA Ruffysdad)

Tucson day 3

by Pete Brush on 02/12/14

  1. Well to start the festivities I should tell everyone that it was a little brisk this morning, around 45 without a cloud in the sky. It warmed up to a nice compfy 68 or so.

    we were planning on doing

    AGTA and GJX today but a few things came up and we started back on the frontage road. I had to pick up a killer peridot for a friend and am also looking for an affordable green tourm with an open C axis that will cut about a 15x15mm square. Anyway I found the peridot from one of the vendors here at more than I wanted to spend but that's how it goes when you're looking for the best. Also, Leslie was looking for a little something for her Mom, which she found and if my MIL is reading this, I ain't tellin' and ain't takin' no picture either!

    We did find this loverly bathtub though. If you're less than about 3'10", have I got a deal for you!

    Last of all, we checked out some specimen dealers and I found a piece of petroleum quartz containing a 2 phase inclusion of petroleum and air. Robert has one if you've seen the famous spotted frog specimen that he's got, this is the same kind of stuff. Just wanted one for my own oddities collection.

    After that it was on to the GJX Show but first we picked up Rick and Reed Scott, The Raytech guys and took a side trip to te JGM show. Sometimes it seems like they really want to do nothing but letters for most of these shows! Weird! Anyway we went into JGM and Leslie and Reed tried to egg each other into buying the most expensive specimen. Lucky for me, Leslie's already spent a goodly chunk of change on specimens so she was quite happy to get this little emerald specimen.

    That's my 4 pics for this section. GJX in the next

    Pete (AKA Ruffysdad)

Tucson 2014 DAY 2

by Pete Brush on 02/12/14

  1. Day 2 continued:

    Back inside the main tent and touching base with a few old customers of mine. Tucson's a social event as much as it is a gem and mineral show. Time to see old friends, customers, suppliers and also to make new ones. This little lot of Mali Garnet came from an old supplier and I got to high grade them before pretty much anyone else . Mali's in a civil war right now and there isn't much in the way coming out these days but because of a 10 year relationship with this particular vendor I was able to get a fair price on these even though I cherry picked his supply. A lot of Tucson is networking. Refreshing your old contacts and finding new ones

    Mali Garnets

    We decided to take a little side trip back to the innsuites show to check out a few of the mineral specimen dealers that Leslie saw there. She's into mineral specimen collecting and although I'm more interested in breaking them off the matrix and faceting them, I will admit some of these things have found increased appreciation in both my eye and wallet Some of these things are EX--PENSIVE! Still, Leslie's been doing these for awhile so here are a couple of the specimens she found. I don't know the names of them btw, she's got the cards hidden

    Here it is! Rhodochrosite- Sweet Home mine, Colorado

    Koroit Sphere

    Last of all is a couple of pieces that'll illustrate why I got to the specimen shows. Occasionally you can find some nice facet rough at great prices. These were in the corner of one of the mineral specimen dealer's display and I was able to pick the up for a more than reasonable price


    That was about it for today. My feet are a-hurtin' puppies and I lost another 20 spot at the Casino bt all in all it was a very productive day. Don't really know what I'm going to do with the Maw sit sit since I'm not much of a cabber but I suppose I can learn one of these days. It's things like that that make
    Tucson so much fun.

    GJX Tomorrow and maybe the AGTA

    Pete (AKA Ruffysdad)

Tucson 2014 Day 2

by Pete Brush on 02/12/14

  1. Day two-Electric Park Show,

    Well after a night hollering at the TV Leslie and I finally got some shut-eye and were up too early to get ready for the Electric Park show. Sadly when we got ther we found that the tailgating section where dealers would sell out of their trailers or motorhomes, is now a thing of the past. I guess the facility raised the rates so as to make that part of the show impossible. Too bad, I used to get some good deals back there but I guess it's a thing of the past now. A big raspberry to the puissant bureaucrat that jacked the rates

    So on to the main show

    This is the main tent at this show. The Electric Park show is really 3 different venues rolled up into one. If you go in the front entrance, this is where you'll enter. Behind me, the tent extends back about the same distance. The second part of this show is the vendor tents. These are a little bit smaller tent occupied by a single large company and you find these along the outside perimeter. Last are the dealer tents, which occupy the center area and are small tents or canopies.

    This is one of the dealer tents where I found some very nice Jade and even better some pieces of Maw Sit Sit in chunks ranging from a few grams to 2+ pounds for an exceptionally low price. If you go by there and are looking for some of this material, tell Anthony that you're with the ISG. After our dealings were finished I told him how happy I was with the help and treatment he'd given and that I was going to mention him when I wrote this tonite. I didn't get any comps or promos for this, I just feel that a fair dealer should always be rewarded. There are a lot more like Anthony out there but there are also the andesine dealers too. Anyway, here's a look at the Maw sit sit. It's not mined any more to the best of my knowledge.

    Wandering around the outside still, we cam upon this outfit. I keep meaning to buy some of the Laguna Agate they sell but somehow I always spend the money somewhere else

    Continued on next thread.....
    Pete (AKA Ruffysdad)