The Raytech-Shaw Faceting Machine

A great machine for either the new or experienced cutter. The Raytech-Shaw is an easy faceting machine to learn and grow with. I ought to know, I've been using the Raytech-Shaws for over thirty years now. This is a complete ready-to-go package that includes just about everything you need to get faceting. It even comes with the laps!

Instant change over from right hand to left hand operation by simply moving the water pot to the alternative mounting hole and flicking the motor reversing switch.

Speeds of 50-1000 RPM can be set by turning the controller knob. A durable ball-bearing arbor is driven by a permanant magnet motor. Direction is reversable. 230 volt, 50hz models are available for European use.

Exclusive facet finder speeds indexing while eliminating mistakes. Index a brilliant facet in less than one second, even with your eyes closed. During cutting, an ordinary, 57 facet brilliant is commonly indexed 200-400 times. The facet finder eliminates all of these chances for error and the search for the correct index tooth.

Threaded handwheel raises and lowers platform (where the handpiece rests) quickly, easily and precisely.

Rotational adjusting collar permits precise alignment when re-dopping and re-cutting damaged stones.

Lightweight, heat-treated, precision ground anodized aluminum and available in 33 sizes (7 included with this package), the dops are retained with a knurled nut. No special tools required. A side pin pulls into a V-notched collar for absolute repeatabiliy

Unique transfer jig uses side pins to automatically align crown and pavillion facets. Mechanical precision determines facet alignment. Vertical action eliminates gravity sag. Capable of cutting 1mm to 50mm gemstones.

One feature that makes the Raytech-Shaw facetor unique is it's removable handpiece. While other faceting machines require you to rotate the stone while it stays attached to the mast for examination, the Raytech-Shaw handpiece sits on a precision table and is simply lifted up for easy examination of the stone.

In a commercial cutting operation, the handpiece may be simply passed from one operator to the next.

Expert cutters have used the Raytech-Shaw faceter to cut some of the worlds finest gemstones.

The package includes a 6" Islander 600, a 1200 lap, a 3000 prepolish lap, a darkside lap, water pot, drip pan, transfer jig, 7 dops, dop wax, and a handpiece with one 96 tooth index gear and an 8 tooth facet finder.

This is a brand new machine, not a factory refurb.

Raytech-Shaw facetors come with a one year parts and labor warrantee. The motor is also warranteed for one year except in the case of damage caused by dirty power.

Contact us for an approximate shipping date. I generally stock these but backorders from the factory and/or weather conditions can change the speed of which you'll receive your machine. If in stock, these will be shipped within 3 business days from when you place your order.. Shipping on these machines is a $75.00 flat rate fee to US addresses. For shipping outside of the US, contact us for a quote.

All of the above PLUS We're also including a 10 carat parcel of Namanga garnet facet rough. If this is your first machine, make your first stone a real gem and not a piece of glass! All this for just $2200.00usd . Please add $75.00  for shipping within the US. Contact me for a price quote for foreign shipping prices.

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Also Available: The Raytech Basic  Faceting machine without laps for  $1950.00usd. Please add $75.00 for shipping within the US. Everything above including the Namanga garnet comes with this package except the laps.
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Part #      Part Name                                Price
20205     Handpiece Assembly             $525.00
06355      Frog Foot Insert                        $1.00
06345      Dop Nut                                    $4.95
06386      Terminal Block                         $3.99
06323      Water Pot Post                        $9.95
06398      Transfer Jig                         $130.00
06419      Drip Pan                                $39.95
06415      Arbor Nut                                 $6.99
New WaterPot Assembly                       $49.95
20440R   Manual Preformer                $282.00
04288R    Instr. Faceter Preformer         $1.00
20225R    Dop 1/16 Flat                        $12.95
20226R    Dop 3/32 Flat                        $12.95
20227R    Dop 1/8 Flat                          $12.95
20228R    Dop 3/16 Flat                        $12.95
20229R    Dop 1/4 Flat                          $12.95
20230R    Dop 1/16 Cone                      $12.95
20231R    Dop 3/32 Cone                      $12.95
20232R    Dop 1/8 Cone                        $12.95
20233R    Dop 3/16 Cone                      $12.95
20234R    Dop 1/4 Cone                        $12.95
20235R    Dop 1/16 Vee                        $12.95
20236R    Dop 3/32 Vee                        $12.95
20237R    Dop 1/8 Vee                          $12.95
20238R    Dop 3/16 Vee                        $12.95
20239R    Dop 1/4 Vee                          $12.95
20241R    Dop 5/16 Flat                        $15.95
20242R    Dop 3/8 Flat                          $15.95
20243R    Dop 1/2 Flat                          $15.95
20244R    Dop 5/8 Flat                          $15.95
20245R    Dop 3/4 Flat                          $15.95
20246R    Dop 1" Flat                            $15.95
20247R    Dop 5/16 Cone                      $15.95
20248R    Dop 3/8 Cone                        $15.95
20249R    Dop 1/2 Cone                        $15.95
20250R    Dop 5/8 cone                         $15.95
20251R    Dop 3/4 Cone                        $15.95
20252R    Dop 1" Cone                          $15.95
20253R    Dop 5/16 Vee                        $15.95
20254R    Dop 3/8 Vee                          $15.95
20255R    Dop 1/2 Vee                          $15.95
20256R    Dop 5/8 Vee                          $15.95
20257R    Dop 3/4 Vee                          $15.95
20258R    Dop 1" Vee                            $15.95
20-223     33 Piece Dop set                 $399.95
06360      Facet Finder #8                     $22.00
06363      Facet Finder #10                   $22.00
06354      Facet Finder # 12                  $22.00
06361      Facet Finder # 16                  $22.00
20208      Faceter Rot. Adj. Collar         $18.99
20210      Index 64                                 $27.95
20211      Index 80                                 $27.95
20212      Index 96                                 $27.95
20215      Index 72                                 $27.95
20213      Index 120                               $27.95
20222      Faceter Handbook                   $5.00
20276      Faceter Dust Cover                 $ N/A
20279      Faceter Splash Pan               $39.95
Faceter    V-Belt                                     $12.95
20281      Faceter 0-Ring Belt                $12.95
20365      16 Piece Cam Set                $129.95

For electrical parts (motors, speed controllers, switches
​etc.) please contact Raytech

Prices Subject To Change Without Notice
Shipping on faceting machines and parts extra
All prices in US Dollars

30.22 Morganite owned by Christopher Nohl and cut by Master cutter, Stephen Kotlowsli
All machines from westerngem include a Darkside Lap! This is the most used polishing lap I own :) Pete 
0-220v machine in stock, 1 on order
0-110v machine in stock, 1 on order

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