Western Gem has been in business for 35 years. Have always had the highest standards in the quality of the rough stones and the cut stones we sell. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.WWWW
Leslie and I have been cutting gemstones since I got my first Raytech-Shaw faceting machine 35 years ago. Since then we've been buying rough gemstones, grading lots and continuing to cut more and more stones. Recently we decided to take it to the next level and share our expertise and contacts with trusted associates throughout the world and bring quality facet rough, our cut stones and faceting machine to gemcutters, jewelers and metalsmiths everywhere. 
Besides gemstones, we also have our two Akita mixes, Ruffy and Tulip to keep us busy. You may have run across us on one of the gem forums on the internet where I'm also known as "Ruffysdad" and Leslie as "Tulipsmom". Both Ruffy and Tulip are trained as herding dogs and over the past nine years Ruffy has competed and ribboned in numerous stock herding competitions.
​Sadly we've lost both Ruffy and Tulip in the last few years but they're with us in our hearts still
We picked up Marble who's a Husky/who knows what mix from a rescue in Provo and Colt, who's our new herder, from Emerald City Pet Rescue in Seattle

A few links to our friends and some good informative web pages
These three links are to some great forums and information websites. You'll find a wealth of information in all of them. Go through the forums, take a look at the info they provide. If you're a newbie to gemstones or a grizzled old veteran, you can get the best in up to date info, lively and sometimes humorous discussions, and get to pick the minds of some of the most informed people in the gem world. If you've got a question or just killing time on your computer, check these sites out!



If you're a cutter, here are a few sites for downloading cutting designs.





Jewlry designers and fabricators
Jessi Clark-White's website with some interesting and innovative designs
Check them out
Other Stuff
Got problems with your dog or looking for a fun activity for the both of you?
This is the place where we take Ruffy and Tulip for herd dog training. 
Joe and Linda are the best IMHO!
Not ours, but dog people get kinda goofy
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Click here to see how these stones  are cut
Gemstone Services
Patty Castronova's website.  Patty is an ISG trained Gemologist  offering a wide range of services. Looking for an appraisal? Custom jewelry? Check  her site out. IMHO, the "I" in ISG means integrity!

Selecting Good Facet rough!
I have been intending to publish an article on selecting good facet rough but my friend, fellow cutter, designer, and the owner of the Faceting Acadamy in Grants pass, Oregon, beat me to it. Whether you're a noobie or an oldbie, you should check this out. The information is superb and there are lots of good photos to illustrate all of the points you want to cover when you evaluate rough